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            Hey there, looking for some authentic sweet motivational stuff to get you through the hardest of time? Well, this is where you get it. The CNBC estimates that nearly half of the millennial globally say they are under stress most of the time. This rate may be even high in other countries. Factually, all of us go through troubling times once in a while, the most important thing in this case is evaluating how to overcome this troubling moment and become stronger than ever before. This year has specifically been hard hit as a result of the global pandemic which has terrorized the economic situation through job losses, pay cut, redundancy among other rippling effects hence affecting the lives of many individuals all across the globe. Families have lost their loved one as a result of the Corona Virus pandemic and other diseases that has rocked the world. Schools all over the world have closed making this moment one of the darkest in our generation.

            Maintaining motivation is becoming a big challenge for many individuals who undergo through difficult time. At this time, people need a more positive vibe that any other time. The positive energy can be instilled though sharing of motivational experiences, life stories both sad and happy. These encouragement and motivational stories sparks moments of hope to those suffering from life situational challenges hence making it easy to overcome this challenges.

            It is understandable that the society may be feeling concerned, anxious and concerned over the changing alerts and uncertainty as a result of the pandemic. To overcome this,individuals need to reset their goals through making of short term goals as well as avoid fear caused by media exposure among others. Highlighting of inspirational and motivational content will help individual connect with their dream more often as well as keep their hope and dreams alive in the midst of these times.

This platform will hence focus on providing the audience with top notch motivational, encouraging and inspirational stories and content to audience of all age bracket, gender, religion in a bid to enhance their overcoming spirit to get through the hardest of time.